Saturday, December 26, 2009

Use A Mirror

ffust driew gniod si enohp ym no neercs ehT
deppilf dna sdrawkcab era srettel ehT
hguor lear si stxet ym gnidaeR
deppir si eriw elgnis a spahreP

Rhyme inspired by my broken phone
And Sesame Street "Monster in the Mirror"

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

And I Know How It Feels To Walk Out On Your Own

I'm over it
I have to admit
I'm over empty apartments
Empty heart compartments
I'm over working early
Doing my hair curly
I'm over worrying
The outside flurrying
I'm over crying
My hope just dying
I'm over wondering
Stupid words blundering
I'm over you
There are a few
I'm over the snow
Not much of a hero
I'm over singing
Ice cold air stinging
I'm over working late
Being here, I hate
I'm over this
I wanna be home for Christmas

Rhyme inspired by coming home to
an empty apartment all week
And by Yellowcard "Empty Apartment"

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Open Me Up And You Will See

I was born in Seattle
Northern Washington
We moved down to Camas
Southern Washington

Roy was the next spot
To catch and drag us out
A summer in Michigan
And to Utah was our route

White house, yellow house
The red was even greater
Hundreds of peers and teachers
To Detroit, one year later

I've been the new kid
Eighteen plus times
'twas only a matter of days
Before I wrote this rhyme

New beginnings,
I can have my own zoo
With all of the mascots
For this prolonged haiku

It is how I live
Can't remember all the houses
Or all "my" rooms
It's like changing blouses

So you tell me why
This throwback to old fun
Feels so good
To someone always on the run

Back to the basics
Is honey to my lips
An old school reunion
Makes the beat of my heart skip

Rhyme inspired by New Beginnings
And Ingrid Michaelson "Be Ok"

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

There's Gotta Be A Heaven Somewhere, Could You Save Me From The Hell?

And I'm tired of sleepless nights
And mental fights
I'm tired of feeling well
And then to feel like hell
I'm tired of being alone

Rhyme inspired by let downs and
road blocks and hitting things
And Justin Timberlake "Losing My Way"

Monday, December 14, 2009

Here I am Again

I've listened to this so many times
I have no times for newer rhymes

Rhyme inspired by a song that touches my
heart and keeps me listening over again
"He Hears Me" sung by Laura Jones

Bright Silver Moons

Memories never fade
Even though they should
Gently sweeping 'cross my mind
Hell and Heaven good
After years of thinking
No more thoughts can come
May I have a new thought please?
And stop from being numb
Really that would do the trick
I think it would be nice
Even though my echoed thoughts
Let my mind think twice

Rhyme inspired by MML, memories
And Yellowcard "Rocket"

I Can Feel You Breathing, And It's Keeping Me Awake

Bedtime comes and I can't sleep
Even though it's late
Night is here, and the dark is deep
But slumber, my eyes hate
And though I try and leave my thoughts
I cannot shut them down
Like in a fisher's net I'm caught
Eyes red and mind left to drown
Yet I'll try once more...

Rhyme inspired by insomniatic thoughts
And Yellowcard "Breathing"

Friday, December 11, 2009

I Mean With Everyone

I hate lotion and chapstick
And stuff like that
I hate smothering it on
Dry skin to combat
Chapped lips on top of that

Even if I use the stuff
My lips still peel and hurt
It makes me mad
And so chapstick, I avert
And the lotion I don't squirt

It's a weakness, yes, I know
I'd rather sit and dry up
So I sit and stare
With my nose stuck up
When really I should butter up

Rhyme inspired by chapped lips
And Relient K "Chap Stick, Chapped
Lips, And Things Like Chemistry"

Monday, December 7, 2009

I've Been Dying To Tell You Anything You Want To Hear

I'm done hun
How's that for a rhyme?
It's time to run
You're running outta time
The fun is done
The clock is gonna chime
This isn't a pun
My heatbeat's gonna climb
Is that look, stun?
I've committed no crime
No bullet in this gun
I've a penny, not a dime
I'm meek as a lion
As clean as the grime
As dark as the sun
At midday noontime
I'm sick of tension
Even now in its prime
Now you're the one
Speechless as a mime

Rhyme inspired by frustration
And Fall Out Boy "Sugar We're Going Down"

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Until You Get Your Check Next Week

Open, pull, lift, lay
Putting stickers on the books
In and out, everyday
Cleaning out all the nooks

Up and down the isles
I clean up on my way
All the different styles
For which people pay

Working at a bookstore
Makes me feel real smart
Not that I read much more
But I can still play the part

"Yes, that's a good one"
I say without a thought
"I would take it and run,
Before the last one's bought"

But let's be honest,
I've never read the books
And my opinion's the wannest
That anyone ever took

Maybe I could try and see
What the books all say
But then I would have to read
Instead of play all day

Rhyme inspired by working day
after day at the bookstore
And a humerous throwback to junior
high "Bills, Bills, Bills" by Destiny Child

Friday, December 4, 2009

Seize The Day Or The Day Will Seize You

My head is throbbing and my throat is sore
I've used enough kleenex for me and you
And all this coughing, I truly abhore
I'm worn out, my abs hurt, my head is blue

I turn the bottle in my shaky hands
The purpley syrup sticks to the sides
The sticker on the front, peeled off, expands
A sticky cherry smell talks to me and confides

"It's time to sleep, and it's time to rest"
A disgusted look sweeps across my face
The tiny plastic cup filled with a nasty mess
I swallow quickly and then cough, displaced

I stumble to bed and try to sleep
It doesn't take long until I'm overcome
Crazy dreams come and bury me deep
When I awake, my senses are dumb

I hate this stuff that makes my chest heavy
But's it's better than coughing all night
So I take it before bed and wake up unsteady
Maybe tomorrow I will feel alright

Rhyme inspired by my new dependence
on Nyquil for sleep
And Flynn "Nyquil"