Sunday, March 28, 2010

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

My mind's blank
On this sunshiney day
I can't think
Enough to really say
How beautiful it is
On this sunshiney day
My head is in the clouds
And I like it that-a way

Rhyme inspired by Carrie Hampton
and the sunshiney day
And by Mr Roger's Neighborhood

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Neighbor's Song

You say, my friend, that you cannot find
A song, somewhere, with your name
It will surely not fit in a tune
Is the simple thing that you claim

Sorry to say, but I disagree
For I've heard your name quite a bit
In so many notes and so many beats
It just happy and perfectly fits

I saw you lift another's sad heart
With a hug and smile truly real
As lyrical beauty, a rhythm was born
In the way you made them feel

With boldness and conviction unmoving
A record of God, you did bear
Oh, such harmony, to my ears, I heard
The ballad of truth that you shared

My cupboard once empty, you filled
And the aching pains of my soul
Were then the taste of sweet melodies
In the music I ate from my bowl

Once struggling, I wept free, in your arms
You dried up my tears with your words
From you to me, flowed a lullaby
And I felt the strength of the chords

Often I've heard the fish is the last
To notice, in the water, it stands
I wonder, my friend, if it's not also so
For the instrument played by God's hands

Now, hear the rhapsody, He will play
Through your faith, this night and day long
It is the name of Heav'n that you praise
For His, is the name of your song

Rhyme inspired by Melissa Wells (A good Neighbor)
And by St Luke 10:29-37

Saturday, March 6, 2010

You've Been There, You Understand

Like vines our lives are intertwined
With flowers blooming red
Like rope our lives are tightly coiled
The fibers wound and dread

Like strangers we have walked along
Not knowing that we could
Turn to eachother in our frustration
But alone we boldly stood

How frequent must this silly thing
Occur in our seperate lives
To find a friend we did not know
Would help us to survive

Perhaps, I venture, It's possible
That here and now exists
A person that is close around
And understands your twists

Like friends we talk and remenisce
About our lives before
And as we leave the bakery
My heart has been restored

For now I see that I'm not alone
In this journey that is hard
Thank you God for showing me
How to let down my guard

Rhyme inspired by long talks with Erin Haskell
And the irony of Rascall Flatts "Bless The Broken Road"

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Someone Please Say...

I'm starting small with this count
Because today it seems hard
To think of things that I can say
Allow me to let down my guard

But a list is needed for my sake
Of things that I'm grateful for
Cuz today is a day that is tough
Hardships, I labor to ignore

I'm grateful for eyes in my head
That see the things God has made
And for the church of my youth
That now helps me not to be afraid

I'm grateful for feet on my legs
For a knowledge of God up above
I'm thankful for arms that extend
To give hugs to those that I love

I'm grateful for prophets that teach
Of God, Jesus Christ and The Plan
For parents and teachers and prayer
That help me to know that I can

I'm grateful I have a place to live
A job that barely gets me by
For gloves and hats and sidewalks
For the strength to not ask "why"

I'm grateful for macaroni and tuna
In my cuboard so empty and bare
For sweaters and socks and brothers
Neighbors who show me they care

I'm grateful for sunshine and mountains
For good books, hangers, and phones
For showers and paychecks and photos
So grateful for muscles and bones

I'm grateful for experiences that try
My faith in my God that I trust
For snow storms, train cars and forks
For running 'til my lungs want to bust

I'm grateful for very simple things
If you look at the grand scheme of life
But how I need these trustful effects
If I'm ever to look past the strife

Rhyme inspired by Erin Haskell
And by Natasha Bedingfield "Happy"