Monday, January 25, 2010

You Gotta Trust Heaven Will Do Its Part

Seven Hundred and Twenty One Days
Is the name of my patience and length
Seven Hundred and Twenty One Days
Is the source of my emotional strength

Seven Hundred and Twenty One Days
Wasn't done all in one single round
Seven Hundred and Twenty One Days
One day at a time is how 'twas found

Seven Hundred and Twenty One Days
Of hurting and crying in the night
Seven Hundred and Twenty One Days
Until everything was just right

Seven Hundred and Twenty One Days
Of purpose and progress amazing
Seven Hundred and Twenty One Days
Of heaven-sent pleading and praising

Seven Hundred and Twenty One Days
Of people who've cared and extended
Seven Hundred and Twenty One Days
Of friends so so needed and splendid

Seven Hundred and Twenty One Days
Is all in the past as we speak and say
Seven Hundred and Twenty One Days
Will still be followed by yet another day

Rhyme Inspired by Seven Hundred and Twenty One Days
And by April Meservy "Not Going Under"

April's Music/Website

Friday, January 15, 2010

Keep Thou My Feet

Thou didst make my knees to bend
My arms to fold and praise
Thou didst make my eyes to close
My lips to speak Thy grace
Thou didst make my head to bow
Thou doest know my case
Thou didst make my very flesh
So I'll worship all my days

Rhyme inspired by feeling good to be good
And James Conlee "Lead Thou Me On"

Monday, January 11, 2010

For It Won't Be Long Till I'm Gonna Need Somebody To Lean On

All sizes become relative
When you start seeing the imperative
My lips form to the fricative
And there I go with the positive

It's so much more than a passive
Desire to be a very active
Part of the solution held captive
By a million and one things negative

For when you are so pensive
I can see your massive
Capacity to freely forgive
It's all written here in cursive

Your dealings so persuasive
Most likely will not outlive
A friend whose genuinity is native
And who's so willingly attentive

Rhyme inspired by a very sincere compliment
without any motive.
And by Bill Withers "Lean On Me"

Thursday, January 7, 2010

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Nine, or Ten

One, Two, Three, Four
It's true that, you, I do adore
Five, Six, Seven, Eight
For you, death, I would debate
Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve
I would face a thousand elves
3teen, 4teen, 5teen, 6teen
I'd paint the Chapel of Sistine
7teen, 8teen, 9teen, Twenty
I've give you all my Good N Plenty's
Let's skip ahead a little more
To 33, maybe even 64
Eigty, Ninety, One Hundred and One
My love for you has only begun

Rhyme Inspired by Michelle Godfrey
And Feist "1-2-3-4, Tell Me That You Love Me More"

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You Know How I Feel

Honesty is overrated
It's doesn't change a thing
The only effect it really has
Is to make your insides sting

Not that lying is my choice
When faced with truthfulness
But faking that so often happens
'Tis the culprit of this ruthfulness

But on reflection I must say
This is a false assumption
And now a verse or two will fix
My over-zealous gumption

Yes, honesty can be used wrong
By those who do not treasure
A simple truth that brings to light
An unappreciated measure

But if for instance, I may venture
To be honest spoken here
You'd find out that honestly
I hate to wear cashmere

And then if I were to be brave
And speak what's on my mind
"Provo is my nemesis"
Is likely what you'd find

On the pages of my mind
You can read all day
And quickly see that it is I
Who has weakness to disobey

You'd see my faults so clearly then
In their honest light
You'd see that I cannot deny
The simple beggars plight

Every mark upon my soul
To which I have mended
Will tell you straight and honestly
Many I've regretably offended

Kindness which is always known
But devalued and disregarded
When honestly is reviewed
The actions are safeguarded

So why oh why cannot we choose
To adore and appreciate
A charity that is giv'n to us
Instead of choosing to berate

Honesty does have some purpose
I must honestly confess
It frees the soul and takes a flight
It allows one to express

Rhyme Inspired by honestly faking it
And by Michael Buble "Feeling Good"