Friday, April 23, 2010

No Need To Say Goodbye

The rain falls in pre-ordered satisfaction
As you drive slowly away from here
Leave me in my blood red mode of action
To face the day with little fear

The dissonace of sound doesn't bother me
No, freely I accept the notes
Pitter. Patter. Even God weeps, you see
The water soaks through my coat

Looking toward the evading heavens I pray
Remembering that my God is good
"The journey, the love, the people," I say
"Thank you, for the places I've stood."

Transitioning, knowing I cannot return again
A poison drink laced with good intent
Striking blindly into the dark with a steady pen
Unsure sadness wrapped in complete content

For most, the water stings on cold wet skin
But not for me, today, my friend
Though the greyness taunts and prods to win
The raindrops cause my tears to blend

Rhyme inspired by transitions
And by Regina Spektor "The Call"

Monday, April 12, 2010

Feel The Rain On Your Face

Let's talk about the rain
Cuz it's impossible to refrain
From this watery world of happiness
Where we come to forget our pain

With the excitement of a child
Without reservation we run wild
Kicking up the puddled streets
We skipped and sung and smiled

The rain holds today together
Frustration flees in this weather
But here and now the rain will fall
So let the heavens come nether

Rhyme inspired by the theraputic rain
And by Natasha Bedingfield "Unwritten"