Wednesday, September 30, 2009

You Can't Help That You're So Ugly, But You Coulda Stayed Home

My grandpa used to take me aside and say
"Do yourself a favor and don't get old"
Cuz your knees and your will back will start to pay
And before you know, you're overbearingly bold

You'll start to buy your grandkids ungly sweaters
Which they'll only wear in pictures they send you
You'll begin buying silk flowers and feathers
And use them with lace to spice up your do

People will forget that you still are kickin'
You'll probably forget most of the time yourself
In retirement, your pockets, the young start pickin
Trying to build themselves their own little wealth

Your friends will die and your weekends are spent
Going to funerals. You'll be so used to black
Soon your mind will go, you forget what you meant
When you ordered a hundred prunes in a pack

So do yourself a favor and don't get old
Stay young and spry for the rest of your days
Cuz sittin in the grave all frozen and cold
Just isn't as great as all the old folks say

Rhyme inspired by the Colonel
and the old lady I sat next to in Institute today
and Alphaville "Forever Young"

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Love You Like Pocahontas Loves John Smith

Some people think they know Shakespeare's tragedy
When they read about the girl on the balcony
But let's be real, it's his deepest rhapsody
Sit you there and hear how I remedy
I love you like a classic loves a parody
I love you like a rhythm loves a melody

If you don't believe, from my heart I spake
I'll spit it to you strait, leave no room for mistake
I love you like a fat kid loves his cake
I love you like a con artist loves it fake

Some people mess, that love's just romance
It ain't only for lovers, not just a step to a dance
I love you like an emo kid loves girl pants
I love you like napoleon loves ruling france

As a mother explains to her young daughter
People kill for love, some will even slaughter
I love you like a fish loves swimming in water
I love you like Nelly loves to get it "Hotter"

So back to Shakespeare's play and set
He meant much more than an emotional debt
I love you like Romeo loves Juliet
I love you like a fighter pilot loves his jet

Don't get confused by my intensive care
I only choose to go where most lovers won't dare
I love you like my lungs love sucking air
I love you like a tetris addict loves the square

When people say you can't love all alone
They're looking at love in the wrong kind of tone
I love you like the royalty loves the throne
I love you like ice cream loves a cone

So if you're reading my monologue
If you're pulled down with relationship smog
Just remember, as you comprehend this log

I love you like a 5th grader loves to play pogs
I love you like a blind man loves his dog
I love you like new tennis shoes love a jog
I love you like a plumber loves a clog
I love you like a princess loves a frog
I love you like a jew loves a synagogue

Love is meant for all, and that's my epilogue
I love you like a freestyle loves this blog

Rhyme inspired by Michelle Godfrey
and Garth Brooks "Wrapped Up In You"

Monday, September 28, 2009

When You Are Blue Wear Red

Welcome to Detroit City
I've seen things I wish I'd not, people dying on the spot
The city carries it heavy and hot, everybody is an enemy to be fought
I don't understand why people gotta end with a shot
It takes more than I got, to understand this plot

My memories expressed to only those who know me best
But i'm unimpressed by my lack of interest
How can I act so selfishly when I am so blessed?
It's time that I invest and be the one that I've professed

Only I know where I've been
I know the thickness of my skin
Me and my kin, we sin, but always come back here again
The changes in my life only begin to trickle in

But I still think about, all those kids who live without
When their life is a drought and they got nothin but doubt
Running the same route, just to find there's no way out
There's nothin I can do. Put my pillow to my face and shout

Rhyme inspired by the headlines of the Detroit News and
Chrystal Bailey, Delores Hubbard, Cabrina Coleman,
Sade, Telonda and Khadeadra
Music by NDubz "Strong Again"

Sunday, September 27, 2009

How Bad You Think You Got It? Somebody Else Got It Worse Than You

Run my fingers through my hair,
Suck in deep the cold night air
Not sure if I can aid
But you better believe
All effort is made
Just wanna see that all is well
Take away a piece of your hell
As I work as hard as I can
In behalf of my fellow man
Maybe a piece of this confusion
Will hinder the illusion
That i'm here for only me
And other people i'll start to see

Rhyme inspired by Nelly "Nobody Knows"
Special Attention to the part of the song at 2:30 and 3:16

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I Can Tell That We Are Gonna Be Friends

I sit and wait for the sun to rise,
The sun peaks in, I shut my eyes
I sit in bed for hours at end
And wait for you, my inspiring friend
I cannot see how you lift me up,
But please don't stop, help me fill my cup
A simple thing for me you do
A walk and talk, to feel almost new
So thanks again for bringing me with
You'll probably never read this Emily Smith

Rhyme inspired by Emily Smith
and The White Stripes "We're Going to Be Friends"

There's a place inside that you can hide

I'm sitting on my bed, wearing nothing but red
Listening to the same song over the same
I listen intently as the artist sings, "Eye of the Hurricane"
Think about the life I live,
and wonder what I choose to give
The rain, the wind, the storm around,
I can't even feel my feet on the ground
It feels like I might stop breathing today,
But my lungs expand and live anyway.
I ask myself as I stand in the rain,
"Am I riding the Hurricane?"

Rhyme inspired by "Eye of the Hurricane"
by David Wilcox