Friday, September 16, 2011

Tell the Story of Grace

Between the satin sheets I lay,
Reflecting on my doings today
Moonlight shines as if sun rays
And gently rests upon my face

A truer friend is hard to find
Who understands both soul and mind
All hell 'n heaven close entwined
Yet loves so deep and pure and kind

Fear melts slowly into calm
As I relate my long-lived psalm
And watch my friend apply the balm
Of friendship and of Christendom

This moment I thought, "God is good!"
To give me far more than He should
With this exemplar I have stood
Long before I understood

The moment when at home in ease
I felt myself fall to my knees
As feeling all my heart did seize
"Go see if she needs help from me"

A bit awkward I went to her heart
Let myself in to ne'er depart
That night was just a simple start
To a lifelong masterpiece of art

She is my friend and watch-care rock
She "lets" me sort her clothes 'n socks
Though when she runs, I sometimes walk
My better self she does unlock

'Mid giants we must live and strive
For this is how we work and thrive
It's far more than to just survive
Be taller, better & more alive

I'm grateful for my sister dear
Who takes away my pain and fear
Who fills my life with endless cheer
And makes it seem that heaven's near

When God said to go check and see
If she needed help from Him through me
What He truly meant to speak
Was, "Child, you need help from she"

Rhyme Inspired by Jess Tuckett
And by "Do Everything" by Steven Curtis Chapman

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  1. Kasey! Seriously this is AMAZING! I absolutely love this poem and I'm so happy that you are doing well. I just love your face.