Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dear God

One thirty came and went
my emotions nearly spent
Into the ground I've sent
Regrets I never meant

'Fore the flower comes the seed
Staying here is what I need
See it out 'til I succeed
I will work until I bleed

I stopped counting the days
Heavenward I send my praise
In a desperate effort of displays
I mean more than these cliches

Flowers, cookies, love and notes
Cause a small lump in my throat
Keeping my sinking head afloat
In every step I will devote

It's been a long, hard set
But God's not done with me yet
And I will make a daring bet
These are the days I won't forget

Rhyme inspired by MTC Mornings
And by "Dear God 2.0" by The Roots

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